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The REB4 Two-Ram Baler

The only two-ram baler that features Sierra’s patent pending dual-compression doors


The REB4 uses 55 tons of force per door to push the material below the cutting knife and into the charging chamber, increasing charging efficiency, eliminating roll-back, and pre-densifying the material before the cycle even begins. Which leads to a 20 to 40 percent increase in production.

The REB4 two-ram baler allows for greater input density in the charging chamber, which is dramatically different than traditional two-ram balers. The dual-compression doors eliminate pinch points and allow for greater downward compression force on material without the worry of lid jamming. The unique design of the doors keeps the baler balanced without putting undue stress on the baler frame. 


When the Dual-Compression Doors are Open

  • Material will fall in the center of the machine due to the design, producing uniform bales that will stack for storage and shipment.
  • No pinch point eliminates the chance for the lid to “stick closed”.
  • Lid cylinder mounts and adjustments are the same used on the PN 4200 machine that has been in operation for over 35 years, proven reliable design.

When the Dual-Compression Doors are Closed

  • Cylinders are vertical during lid cycle, 2 cylinders per side resulting in higher efficient operation and directing cylinder forces to the working load.
  • Eccentric adjustments, keeps the pins and bushings tight during operation even as the bushings wear over time.
  • Six-inch gap in the center of the lids when closed eliminates pinch points but more important shearing takes place in the center of the machine.
  • Higher closing force and more face psi, a true pre-compression system.
  • Fast operation: 4 second overall cycle time.
  • Low loading height will allow installation in existing applications.
Materials Processed

Download the full product details for the REB4 Two-Ram baler